A better night’s sleep starts with Nightingale.
The first smart home sleep system

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Proudly funded on Kickstarter WSJ best of CES 2017
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Proudly funded on Kickstarter WSJ best of CES 2017

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How does Nightingale help me sleep?
Masking Common Sounds

Nightingale masks common indoor and outdoor noises that would normally disrupt your sleep.

Light Traffic
Dripping Water

How does it work?

Engineered for Sleep

Nightingale is developed by acoustics experts to immerse your bedroom with customized, comfortable ambient sounds, that we call sound blankets.

Two units per room placed in wall outlets provide uniform coverage of sound blankets.

Customized for You

Choose from 15 sound blankets based on your room's acoustics and sleeping conditions such as snoring and tinnitus.

Pillow Waves

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A smart sleep solution
Product Features

Customized for you.

Adjust to different room types, room sizes, and the effects of snoring and tinnitus.

Designed for your smart home.

Controllable by Amazon Alexa. IFTT compatible. Connect to smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa, Ring, Nest, and Phillips Hue.

Control from your smartphone.

Set up and manage the sleep environments for your entire household, including multiple residences, from your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Uniform coverage.

Use the two included Nightingale units to fully immerse a typically sized bedroom (up to 300 ft2).

Grows with your household.

Expand by adding more units throughout your household, and to other residences – all easily controllable from your app or browser.

Automatic on and off.

Nightingale includes auto-ramping to slowly fill the room with your custom sound blanket as you prepare for bed, and turns off before you wake up.

Pre-Order | $249

Taking sleep to the next level
You’re in control

App Preview

Intelligent design
Fits into your home

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A good night’s sleep, wherever you sleep
Works in every type of environment

Nightingale works in multiple room types and helps address common sleep conditions (like a snoring partner or tinnitus).

The first smart home sleep system

IFTTTHome NetworkWeather Alerts

Ready to sleep when you are
Customize to Your Schedule

Schedule Nightingale to turn on before bedtime, and turn off before you wake up.

Nightingale will slowly ramp up sound blankets before you go to bed to help you sleep.

clock mixer

Find your way to bed with the built-in night light
Light the Path to Bed

Customize your LED night light color to aid you to bed – not disrupt your sleep.

TapHover or click on the colors below to simulate:

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Ready to get a better night’s sleep?
In the Box: 2 Units | Quick Start Guide

Pre-Order | $249
Product with Box Art
*Covers a typical room up to 300 sq ft

Lack of sleep is a problem
Common Sleep Metrics


58% do not get a good night's sleep every night.

Pillow Alert 50%

Almost 1 in 2 people say poor or insufficient sleep affect their daily activities.


72% say room quietness is important to a good night's sleep.