Q. Is there a warranty?

A. Yes, there is a 1-year limited warranty

Q. Can I use Nightingale when I travel?

A. Yes. Nightingale can also travel with you, to help you sleep better every night. It is currently rated for outlets anywhere in the United States.

Q. How can I add Nightingale to other rooms or residences?

A. You can add Nightingales in additional rooms or residences by installing them as in the first room. Then use the Nightingale app to add these units to your established Nightingale account, from which you can set up and control all units from one place.

Q. Where can I use Nightingale?

A. You can use Nightingale anywhere that background noise is a problem. Common locations include bedrooms, infant/toddler rooms, hospital rooms, and hotel rooms.

Q. Does Nightingale mask all sounds?

A. Nightingale is optimized to mask many common indoor and outdoor noises such as voices, babies crying, and light traffic noise. It can't mask all noises since sound levels and frequencies can vary drastically.

Q. My bedroom is quiet, but I still have trouble sleeping, can Nightingale help?

A. Many people have a hard time falling asleep when it's too quiet. Nightingale is an ideal solution to add a low level of comfortable background or nature sounds to help you sleep when it's too quiet.

Q. Can I secure Nightingale to the wall, so it can’t be removed?

A. Yes, you can secure it to the wall with an optional locking plate. This accessory may be especially useful to people who have Nightingale in rental rooms/properties.

Q. Can I tailor Nightingale to my particular sleep needs?

A. Yes, you can tailor Nightingale in three ways:

  1. For the acoustics in your room - neutral, absorptive, or reflective
  2. For the type of room - general bedroom, infant/toddler/kid room, or hospital room
  3. For people with special conditions - tinnitus sufferers, people living with individuals who snore

Q. What if I’m trying to keep my outlets free for other devices?

A. Nightingale is a single gang 2-socket outlet itself and allows a user to plug 2 more devices into that outlet.

Q. Can I schedule Nightingale to turn on and off automatically?

A. Yes, you can schedule Nightingale to turn on and off at pre-set times from the mobile app or website. You can also manually turn Nightingale on or off, and overrule any pre-set schedules from the app or website.

Q. What kinds of disruptive sounds does Nightingale help with?

A. Nightingale can help with a range of disruptive sounds, including:

  • Voices (e.g., loud roommates, passing neighbors, TVs in proximity)
  • Other domestic noises (e.g., crying babies, overhead footsteps, toilet flushes)
  • Environmental noises (e.g., distant traffic)

Q. Can I play my music through it?

A. Nightingale was designed to improve sleep, it was not designed for music playback. As such, it acts as a speaker only for the sound blankets and soothing nature sounds that come with it.

Q. How big a room does Nightingale cover?

A. Nightingale includes two units, which together can cover a typical bedroom of 300 square feet (e.g., 15ft x 20ft). If your room is larger, you can add more units.

Q. Can I split up the pair and use one in another room?

A. We do not recommend that you split up the Nightingale units, as it would result in a lopsided, localizable sound. It is designed to provide a uniform, diffuse blanket of sound using four speakers (two in each unit) for a typical bedroom (300 sq..) Using one unit per room will not result in the proper acoustics and will produce a suboptimal experience.

Why Buy

Q. Who can Nightingale help?

A. Nightingale can help someone who wants to sleep better, whose rest is currently disrupted by noise.

Q. How is Nightingale different from other sleep devices like white-noise machines?

A. Nightingale represents a new category of personal sound-masking solutions for the residential market.

  • It delivers professional-level acoustic room treatments to ensure better health through better sleep.
  • It is controlled from a mobile app and integrates with popular smart-home appliances and IoT platforms, unlocking endless personalization and control capabilities.
  • With two units per room, Nightingale’s sound masking completely fills the room. In contrast, conventional sound machines produce noise from a single unit, so that a user is easily able to localize on the sound. Nightingale’s sound masking is thus more pleasing and more effective at blocking disturbing noises.

Q. Why is Cambridge Sound Management qualified to help me sleep better?

A. Cambridge Sound Management was founded in 2001 by an MIT PhD in acoustics and quickly became the global leader in commercial sound-masking systems. Our patented direct-field sound masking solutions revolutionized the industry by delivering better quality noise reduction, while our focus on ease of installation helped customers deploy sound-masking systems with less cost and construction. We’ve applied our 15 years of expertise in acoustics, product design, and manufacturing to our first consumer-focused product: Nightingale.

Q. How does Nightingale work?

A. Nightingale works by increasing the background noise in a listener’s environment, thus reducing his sensitivity to bothersome ones.


Q. How do I launch and configure the Nightingale?

A. You will need access to an active email account on a smartphone, to register the units. Once they are configured, you can control them through this app or through any supported browser at: www.controlnightingale.com

Q. How do I place the Nightingale emitters?

A. Plug the other unit into a different outlet in this room. For better acoustic coverage, choose outlets on opposite walls. (Please do not plug units into each other.)

Q. What if I only have one outlet available?

A. For the optimal sleep environment, we recommend you have two Nightingale units per room. If you only have one power outlet, you can plug an extension cord into the first Nightingale unit, and attach a second Nightingale to the extension cord.

Q. What is included with Nightingale?

A. Nightingale includes two units and a Quick Start Guide.


Q. Does it have soothing sounds?

A. Nightingale includes 5 optional soothing nature sounds, to help a user sleep better.

Q. How do Nightingale sound blankets sound?

A. Nightingale sounds like gentle airflow.

Q. How loud does the Nightingale play?

A. Nightingale can play up to 60 dB (SPL), but in most situations it shouldn't be that loud.


Q. What are sound blankets?

A. Nightingale works by adding subtle background sounds, optimized to mask common noises, into the bedroom environment. We call these sounds "sound blankets". Sound blankets help you sleep better by masking outside noises that would normally disrupt your sleep.

Q. How does Nightingale work?

A. Nightingale works by adding subtle background sounds, optimized to mask common noises, into the bedroom environment. We call these sounds "sound blankets". Sound blankets help you sleep better by masking outside noises that would normally disrupt your sleep.

Q. How does the nightlight work?

A. You can turn the nightlight on, and choose its color, through the mobile app or website.

Q. How do I control Nightingale?

A. You can control Nightingale through a mobile app, website, or with a button on the side of the unit. You can also control Nightingale with Amazon Alexa or via other devices listed on www.IFTTTT.com. IFTTTT is a popular smart home platform that allows devices to talk to each other.

Q. How exactly does it integrate with IoT devices?

A. Nightingale is IFTTTT (If This Then That) enabled which means it can communicate with other popular smart home and consumer electronic devices. Nightingale also comes with 3 pre-programmed IFTTTT recipes that can be quickly activated, including weather alerts, home security alerts, and control from Amazon Alexa.

Q. What appliances can I plug in through the Nightingale pass-through plugs?

A. The pass through plug supports up to 15 amps of power. So this means things like a lamp, television, laptop, cell phone charger, and other lower level appliances. We would not recommend plugging in an air conditioner, washer, dryer, refrigerator or other high powered appliances through the Nightingale pass-through plugs.

Q. What type of outlet can Nightingale fit in?

A. Nightingale is compatible with single gang 110 Volt outlets. Please be careful to notice voltage of outlets if traveling outside of the United States. Most international locations will not be compatible.

Q. Why does Nightingale have two units?

A. There are two units so that the Nightingale sounds can more effectively immerse the listener within the room environment. Other sleep devices are comprised of a single unit, often placed right next to the user on a nightstand. This single-unit setup results in a localizable sound, where a user can pinpoint the device generating the sound. With two units, Nightingale can act like a pair of stereo speakers, to fill the room more uniformly.

Q. How do I get the Nightingale App?

A. Download and install the Nightingale app from your mobile app store. For Apple users, go to the Apple App Store. For Android users, go to Google Play.

Q. Can I leave Nightingale on all the time?

A. Nightingale can be left on all the time or be programmed to turn on and off at preset times.

Q. Are there features found on the Nightingale website that aren't on the mobile apps?

A. No, the Nightingale website is a subset of the mobile app, which you need to set up.

Q. Can I use Nightingale easily everyday?

A. Through the app, you can set Nightingale to turn on and off at preset times each day, so that it is always on when you need it.

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