Technical Requirements

Mobile Operating Systems

  • Apple iPhone 4S and higher (iOS 8.0+)
  • Android OS v6.0+ (may vary by device)

Browser Compatibility

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox: Version 40 and higher
  • Internet Explorer: Version 10 and higher
  • Opera: Version 37 and higher


My Wi-Fi connection failed. What do I do?

Ensure your password was correct. Passwords are case sensitive. If your password was entered incorrectly, you will receive the message Incorrect Key.
Try moving the units closer to your Wi-Fi router. If they connect when moved closer to the router then you may need a 'range extender' or 'repeater' in your home so the Wi-Fi can reach the room containing Nightingale.
Try resetting your Nightingale units. Simply unplug the units from the wall outlet, wait 15 seconds and replug them back in.
Reduce the number of devices using your Wifi network at home. Some internet service providers (ISP's) will limit the number of devices (computers/phones...) connected to the network. This may be keeping Nightingale from connecting. If you disconnect other devices from the Wi-Fi and Nightingale can connect, you need to contact your ISP and ask for additional connections.
Restart your router. You can, in most cases, just unplug your router, wait 30 seconds then plug it back in to reset it. You should check the manual provided with your router to determine how best to reset the router.
Eliminate potential interference. There may be things in your home interfering with your Wi-Fi. Here is a list of devices that may be causing a problem:
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Baby Monitors
  • Wireless Security Cameras
  • Cordless Phones
Make sure your router is running the latest firmware. You may need to contact your ISP or router manufacturer to see if there is an update to your router especially if it is more than 6-8 years old.

Resetting Units

How do I reset my units?

Caution: re-setting your units will set them back to the factory defaults and you will lose all settings. You will have to run setup on the application again before you can use them.

To reset your device, unplug it from the wall, and wait ten seconds. Then, holding the 'reset button' (this is a square button on the right side of the unit, as you look at it from the front), plug the unit in, holding the button for nine (9) seconds, then let go of the button. If the unit received the reset it will flash the nightlight, and a few seconds later it will play the welcome message asking you to download the Nightingale Sound app. If the reset didn't work, please try again.

Amazon Echo

How do I connect to Amazon's Echo?

Nightingale can work with your Amazon Echo. This requires that your Nightingales were set up with a Network (Wi-Fi) connection, not local (Bluetooth) control. Using Echo's voice commands, you can control your Nightingale units. This interface will allow you to turn the sound and nightlight on and off as well as several other settings.


How do I connect to other cloud services and devices (IFTTT)?

Nightingale can interact with other internet based services and devices. Nightingale supports an IFTTT 'channel'. This enables devices and services to connect. Nightingale can react to changing weather conditions, for example, or the detection of motion from a video camera. When the conditions are met, Nightingale will mute itself and play the appropriate alert then resume its normal operation. This service is only available if your Nightingale units were configured to use your network and are remotely accessible.

Support Documents

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