The World’s Most Advanced Sleep System
Intelligently designed and amazingly effective

Sleep Faster

38% reduction in
time to fall asleep.

Sleep Longer

64% decrease in noise-
related wake occurrences.

Sleep Better

26% increase in
sleep quality.

Real research, real results.

Sleep research conducted by sleep doctors at Harvard Medical School and Sleep Score Labs

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A New Era of Sleep Technology

Nightingale’s advanced sound masking technology is clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer.

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Clinically proven

Proven to help patients fall asleep 38% faster.

Masks common noises

Reduces wake occurrences by masking indoor and outdoor noises.

Sound blankets

Engineered to create the optimal sleep environment.

Bedroom light

Subtly illuminate your room with a multi-color LED light.

Soothing sounds

Choose from soothing nature sounds to relax.

Flexible placement

Plug anywhere in the room, even behind furniture.

Smart home

Control with Amazon Alexa™, Google Home™, mobile app, or PC.


Customized for your room acoustics and sleep conditions.

Full home solution

Easily expand by adding more units throughout your home.

A Smarter Approach to Sleep

Each Nightingale unit has two micro speakers, filling your bedroom with comfortable sounds – scientifically engineered to mask disrupting noises.

Designed for Sleep

Nightingale plugs directly into your bedroom power outlet, and can be placed behind furniture.

Sleep with the Right Noise, not White Noise

Unlike traditional white noise machines, Nightingale can be personalized to your rooms acoustics and sleeping conditions.

Yes Sometimes No



White Noise Machines

Immerses bedroom with 360° of sound masking
Optimized sound curve masks common noise disturbances
Designed by the leader in sound masking
Customized for room acoustics and sleep conditions
Wi-Fi control with mobile app or web browser
Multiple room, multiple household solution
Multi-color LED light
Automatic scheduling
Integrates with popular smart home devices
Control with Amazon Alexa™
Fits invisibly behind furniture
Pass through power outlets
Optional wall lock for rental properties
Soothing nature sounds

A better Night’s Sleep with Nightingale

“I would definitely suggest Nightingale to any light sleepers, or anyone having trouble initially falling asleep.”

– Jen S.
AUG 2017

“From day one this sleep system has been amazing! No more sleepless nights, no more tossing and turning!”

– Michael G.
SEP 2017

“There’s nothing like trying one for yourself. For us, sleeping is believing – and now we believe in Nightingale’s sound blankets.”

– Boston Herald

“I found that the Nightingale did, in fact, make me fall asleep faster”

– Elizabeth Segran
Fast Company

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Standard Edition $149

  • Comes with one unit
  • For bedrooms up to 150 sq. ft.
  • Ideal for dorm rooms, kids rooms, and smaller bedrooms


Premium Edition $249

  • Comes with 2 units
  • For bedrooms up to 300 sq. ft.
  • Premium sleep experience with immersive sound blankets