The smart hotel sleep solution

Patented sound technology for hotel rooms

Masks common noises such as traffic, voices, and TVs

Clinically proven by Harvard Medical School

Easy to install and API for front desk control

Reduce noise complaints and reimbursements

Improve online reviews

Fits behind furniture and contains pass-through power plugs

Enhance your guest experience

Used by Leading Hotels

Nightingale for Hotels


Improve Guest’s Night Sleep with Nightingale

A practical and affordable solution
to address hotel noise issues

How does Nightingale work?

Designed by acoustical experts and clinically proven by Harvard Medical School, Nightingale uses two units to fully immerse guest rooms with comfortable ambient background sounds engineered to mask noises and improve sleep.

W Hotel Case Study

The W Hotel in Boston was experiencing severe street noise issues at night, particularly when traffic is heavy and night clubs are closing. After installing the Nightingale units, hotel management saw a noticeable decline in noise complaints by guests.

What is the difference between Nightingale and traditional white noise machine?

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Deployment Options

Every property is different, so we’ve developed a range of deployment options for hotel properties.

Open API

For custom integration into current AV and IT systems

Front Desk Control

Allow staff to control from front desk tablet or PC

In Room Guest Control

Allow guests and staff to control with in-room tablet or mobile device

Anti-Theft Protection

Protect your Nightingale units from theft with our wall plate locks. With standard or decora-style options, Nightingale can be conveniently secured into the wall.