Nightingale Return Policy

Return policy

You can return items purchased from the Nightingale Online Store ( within 30 calendar days after the purchase date. We will refund the account you paid with within 20 days after receiving the item. You are responsible for any return shipping charges.

If you didn’t buy your item from the Nightingale Online Store, contact the store where you bought it for return information.

Defective items

If you think a purchased item is defective, contact tech support. View our warranty

How to return

Step 1:
Tell us what you want to return. Email and include the reason for return, your first and last name, order number, and zip code.
Step 2:
Follow the instruction. We’ll send you an email within a few hours with instructions and an RMA form. Please send this RMA form back with your product.
Step 3:
Send it back. Place items in the original packaging, along with the RMA form, and package in a standard cardboard shipping box ensuring it will be protected from damage. Mail it to the return shipping address on the RMA form.