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What can I do if my Android app can’t find the devices?

Version 1.8 of the Nightingale Sound app for Android requires certain permissions in order to properly set up and control your Nightingales. If you are having difficulties, please perform the following actions and then try again:

  1. Go into your Settings menu and select Apps, followed by Application Manager.
  2. In the Applications Manager, find and select the Nightingale app.
  3. Select Permissions in the menu that is shown, and turn on permissions for the following three items:
    • Location
    • Phone
    • Storage

Can I download the Quick Start Guide?

Download Quick Start Guide

What are the technical requirements for Nightingale?

Mobile Operating Systems
The Nightingale mobile app is supported on iPhone 4S or higher generation iPhone that supports iOS 9 or higher and compatible Android devices that support Android 6.0 or higher. Device compatibility and app features may vary by device, platform, and screen size.

Android devices tested for compatibility:

  • Google Pixel
  • LG Nexus 5X
  • LG Nexus 6P
  • Motorola Moto Z
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+

Browser Compatibility

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla FireFox: Version 40 and higher
  • Internet Explorer: Version 10 and higher

How do I get the Nightingale app?

Download and install the “Nightingale Sound” app from your mobile app store. For Apple users, go to the Apple App Store.

How do I launch and configure the Nightingale?

Use the Nightingale Sound mobile app to configure and register your units, using an active email account. Please make sure to configure your Nightingales and confirm the email on the same mobile device. Once they are configured and connected to Wi-Fi, you can control them through the Nightingale Sound mobile app or through any supported browser at:, logging in with the same user and password to register.

Where should I access the confirmation email?

Please confirm the email on the same mobile device with which you set up Nightingale.


How big a room does a pair of Nightingales cover?

The two units can cover a typical bedroom size of 300 square feet (e.g., 15ft x 20ft). If your room is larger, you can add more units.

Where should I place the Nightingale units?

Plug the units into different outlets in the room. For better acoustic coverage, choose outlets on opposite walls. (Please do not plug units into each other.)

Can I split up a Nightingale pair and use one in another room?

Yes you can split a Nightingale pair and use one in another room as long as each room is 150 square feet or smaller. Each Nightingale unit effectively masks noises in rooms up to 150 square feet. If you have a bedroom more than 150 square feet, we recommend keeping two units in the room for effective sound blanket coverage.

What if I only have one outlet available?

If you only have one power outlet, you can plug an extension cord into the first Nightingale unit, and attach a second Nightingale to the extension cord. When plugging an extension cord into a Nightingale, use the lower plug. If your bedroom is 150 square feet or less, we recommend using the Nightingale Standard.

Can I secure Nightingale to the wall, so it can’t be removed?

Yes, you can secure it to the wall with an optional locking plate. This accessory may be especially useful to people who have Nightingale in rental rooms/properties.

Download Locking Plates Documentation


What type of outlet can Nightingale fit in?

Nightingale is certified for use in the typical single gang 110 Volt outlets that are standard in the United States.

What if I’m trying to keep my outlets free for other devices?

Nightingale is a single gang 2-socket outlet pass-through outlet, allowing a Nightingale to be used as a typical wall outlet. Note, you cannot use a GFCI outlet due to the spacing of the prongs. However, you can use an extension cord that has 3 prongs.

What appliances can I plug in through the Nightingale pass-through plugs?

The pass through plug supports up to 15 amps of power.


What if I have Wi-Fi connection issues?

  • If a Wi-Fi connection is not made on the first attempt, please try connecting again.
  • Ensure you Nightingale units are plugged into the wall.
  • Nightingale works on Wi-Fi with a frequency of 2.4 GHz. If you do not have a router that supports this frequency, we recommend getting a one that does.
  • Ensure your Wi-Fi password was entered correctly. Passwords are case sensitive. If your password was entered incorrectly, you will receive an error message.
  • Try restarting your Nightingale units. Unplug the units from the wall outlet, wait 15 seconds. Plug them back into the wall outlets, while holding the reset button on the side of the unit. Release the reset button after 9 seconds. The lights will flash green and a welcome voice will play to confirm the unit has been reset.
  • Try turning your smartphone off, and back on again. Re-launch the Nightingale app.
  • Check Wi-Fi signal strength as shown on the app. Restart your router by unplugging it, and plugging it back in after 30 seconds.
  • Try moving the units closer to your Wi-Fi router. If they connect when moved closer to the router then you may need a ‘range extender’ or ‘repeater’ in your home so the Wi-Fi can reach the room containing Nightingale.
  • Eliminate potential interference. Here is a list of devices that may be causing interference: microwave ovens, baby monitors, wireless security cameras, cordless phones.
  • Reduce the number of devices using your Wi-Fi network at home. Some internet service providers (ISPs) will limit the number of devices (computers/phones...) connected to the network. This may be what’s keeping Nightingale from connecting. If you disconnect other devices from the Wi-Fi and Nightingale can connect, you need to contact your ISP and ask for additional connections.
  • Make sure your router is running the latest firmware. You may need to contact your ISP or router manufacturer to see if there is an update to your router especially if it is more than 6 to 8 years old.


cloud services

How do I connect to Amazon’s Echo?

Nightingale can work with your Amazon Echo. This requires that your Nightingales were set up with a Network (Wi-Fi) connection, not local (Bluetooth) control. Using Echo’s voice commands, you can control your Nightingale units. This interface will allow you to turn the sound and light on and off as well as several other settings.

Download Amazon Echo Document

How do I connect to other cloud services and devices (IFTTT)?

Nightingale can interact with other internet based services and devices. Nightingale supports an IFTTT ‘channel’. This enables devices and services to connect. Nightingale can react to changing weather conditions, for example, or the detection of motion from a video camera. When the conditions are met, Nightingale will mute itself and play the appropriate alert, then resume its normal operation. This service is only available if your Nightingale units were configured to use your network and are remotely accessible.

Download IFTTT Document


How do I control Nightingale?

You can control Nightingale through a mobile app, website, or with a button on the side of the unit. You can also control Nightingale with Amazon Alexa or via other devices listed on IFTTT is a popular smart home platform that allows devices to talk to each other.

How can I control Nightingale from a second device?

  • After you set up Nightingale on smart phone via the “Nightingale Sound” app, you can use the web browser on your second web enabled device (iPhone, iPad, tablets, PC, etc) and go to
  • Log onto the with the same login information as you used to create your account on the first device.
  • Control Nightingale from a second web enabled device through this web browser.

Can I use multiple email accounts to manage Nightingale?

No. Please make sure to use only one email to set up and manage the account.

How do I manually control Nightingale?

A few core features of Nightingale can be controlled using the physical button on the side of the device.

  • Volume:
    • Press the button one time to increase the volume level.
    • When the maximum volume is reached, press it one time to decrease the volume level.
    • When the minimum volume is reached, press it one time to increase the volume level (as before).
  • Nightlight: Press the button twice, to toggle the nightlight on/off.
  • Sounds: Hold the button to cycle through the designated sleep blanket and all the nature sounds. Release the button to choose a particular sound.
  • On/Off: Press and hold for sound on/off; continue to hold for cycling through sound selections


How does the light work?

You can turn the light on, and choose its color and intensity, through the mobile app or website.

How do I control the light, using the app?

On the main app screen, hit the light button

Is the green light available for the user to select?

The green light ships with the unit at launch but may not be an option for the user to select.


Can I leave Nightingale on all the time?

Nightingale can be left on all the time or be programmed to turn on and off at preset times.

Can I schedule Nightingale to turn on and off automatically?

Yes, you can schedule Nightingale to turn on and off at preset times from the mobile app or website. You can also manually turn Nightingale on or off, and overrule any preset schedules from the app or website.


What kinds of disruptive sounds does Nightingale help with?

Nightingale can help with a range of disruptive sounds, including:

  • Voices (e.g., loud roommates, passing neighbors, TVs in proximity)
  • Other domestic noises (e.g., crying babies, overhead footsteps, toilet flushes)

What does Nightingale sound like?

Nightingale sounds like gentle airflow.

Does it have nature sounds too?

Nightingale includes optional soothing nature sounds, to help a user sleep better.

How loud does the Nightingale play?

Nightingale can play up to 60 dB (SPL), but in most situations it shouldn’t be necessary for it to be turned up to max volume.

What are sound blankets?

Nightingale works by adding subtle background sounds, optimized to mask common noises, into the bedroom environment. We call these sounds “sound blankets.” Sound blankets help you sleep better by masking outside noises that would normally disrupt your sleep.

My bedroom is quiet, but I still have trouble sleeping, can Nightingale help?

Many people have a hard time falling asleep when it’s too quiet. Nightingale raises the ambient noise level of your room, helping you sleep when it’s too quiet.

Why is there noise coming from the Nightingale units when they are off?

When sound is off, there may still be a low-level hum emanating from your Nightingale. This is due to the unit remaining awake in standby mode.

trouble shooting

What can I do if my app can’t find the devices?

  • Close the app on the phone.
  • Disable Bluetooth on the phone.
  • Factory reset both devices:
    • Unplug each one.
    • Wait 10 seconds.
    • Press the side button and keep pressed.
    • Plug the unit back in.
    • Wait 6–12 seconds.
    • Release the side button.
    • Verify the light flashes and then turns green.
  • Re-enable Bluetooth on the phone.
  • Launch the app and start the discovery of Nightingale devices.
  • Check that no rooms show up in your dwelling on the mobile app by clicking on the 3 parallel lines on the top left of the app screen.

What can I do if the email confirmation is not being received?

Please contact support

What can I do if my Nightingale units aren’t playing the same sounds?

What if I have trouble setting up multiple pairs?

How do I reset my units?

Caution: re-setting your units will set them back to the factory defaults and you will lose all settings. You will have to set up the application again before you can use them.

To reset your device, unplug it from the wall, and wait ten seconds. Then, holding the button (look for a square button on the right side of the unit, as you look at it from the front), plug the unit in, holding the button 9 seconds, then let go of the button. If the unit received the reset it will flash the light, and a few seconds later it will play the welcome message asking you to download the Nightingale Sound app. If the reset didn’t work, please try again.

Why did I lose power to my Nightingale?

If you have a dual plug wall outlet where the bottom outlet power is controlled by a wall switch, then your Nightingale will shut off when you turn of the corresponding power switch (e.g., turning off the lights at night). This is because the Nightingale receives its power from the bottom outlet. (Most outlets with a wall switch connection have that connection only on the top outlet, which is not a problem, but sometimes an electrician may wire the power switch to the bottom outlet.) Additionally, if the outlet is physically mounted upside-down, so that the ground pins are above the blades, this may prevent power from reaching the Nightingale. In short, find an outlet that has power coming from the bottom even when you turn the power switch off.



Where can Nightingale be useful?

You can use Nightingale anywhere that background noise is a problem. Common locations include bedrooms, infant/toddler rooms, hospital rooms, and hotel rooms.

How does Nightingale work?

Nightingale works by increasing the background noise in a listener’s environment, thus reducing his sensitivity to bothersome noises.

What is included with Nightingale?

Nightingale includes two units and a Quick Start Guide.

Why does Nightingale have two units?

There are two units so that the Nightingale sounds can more effectively immerse the listener within the room environment. Other sleep devices are comprised of a single unit, often placed right next to the user on a nightstand. This single-unit setup results in a localizable sound, where a user can pinpoint the device generating the sound. With two units, Nightingale can act like a pair of stereo speakers, to fill the room more uniformly.


Can you use Nightingale in Canada or elsewhere outside the US?

Nightingale is currently only certified for use in the United States and Canada. We do have plans to extend Nightingale’s coverage to other countries.

Can I play my music through it?

Nightingale was designed to improve sleep, it was not designed for music playback. As such, it acts as a speaker only for the sound blankets and soothing nature sounds that come with it.

How is Nightingale different from other sleep devices like white-noise machines?

Nightingale represents a new category of personal sound-masking solutions for the residential market.

It delivers professional-level acoustic room treatments to ensure better health through better sleep.

It is controlled from a mobile app and integrates with popular smart-home appliances and IoT platforms, unlocking endless personalization and control capabilities.

With two units per room, Nightingale’s sound masking completely fills the room. In contrast, conventional sound machines produce noise from a single unit, so that a user is easily able to localize on the sound. Nightingale’s sound masking is thus more pleasing and more effective at blocking disturbing noises.

Why is Cambridge Sound Management qualified to help me sleep better?

Cambridge Sound Management was founded in 1999 by an MIT PhD in acoustics and is the global leader in commercial sound-masking systems. Our patented direct-field sound masking solutions revolutionized the industry by delivering better quality noise reduction, while our focus on ease of installation helped customers deploy sound masking systems with less cost and construction. We’ve applied our 15 years of expertise in acoustics, product design, and manufacturing to our first consumer-focused product: Nightingale.

How can I add Nightingale to other rooms or residences?

You can add Nightingales in additional rooms or residences by installing them as in the first room. Then use the Nightingale app to add these units to your established Nightingale account, from which you can set up and control all units from one place.

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